Pest Control for Schools

Education Service IPM Specialist

“Going to school” is supposed to be an adventure for children but not because pests and rodents share their classroom. The presence of pests in schools can seriously affect the health of both students and teachers, which makes professional pest control essential to providing a safe learning environment.

Pests are, by nature, opportunistic and resourceful. The school community must be vigilant, year-round, in protecting students’ and teachers’ health and the school property from the diseases and damage associated with pests.

The act of pest-proofing our schools is something we can all do with the help of IPM Specialist. Although facility maintenance is a significant part of protecting children’s health in schools, it is only as good as the vigilance of our superintendents, administrators and facility managers. Consider pest-proofing your school with IPMs School Program. Contact us now!


“We started seeing cockroaches in one of our kitchen, we contacted IPM to help take care of the pest issues. They soon found a radio that our staff members had brought in with cockroaches. They fixed the problem extremely fast, we ended up hiring them for all our locations!”