Rodent Exclusion Service


In the US, the economic cost of rat damage was estimated at $19 billion/year; many times, greater than any other invasive animal species (Pimentel et al. 2000). Now, 18 years later, we can only estimate that the number has grown substantially. We all agree that having rodents around our business is not a very good feeling, but what isn’t a good feeling either is the amount of damages rodents cause. These rodents issues become expensive if left untreated. A few damages that rodents cause include electrical damage, structural damage, insulation damage, and health problems.

Rodents are known for entering through window/ceiling/wall gaps, doors, and many times through drainage pipes. As rodents find an entry point, they will immediately start harboring, multiplying as the days go by.

All the damages that rodents cause are also treated as a fire hazard. Chewing on electrical wires will eventually cause a shortage or malfunction. No matter where these pests are crawling in through, IPM will be there to fix it! Contact us for more information.

Our Rodent Exclusion Program will include a full detail inspection of the property, identifying all entry points.

Many entry points can be seen from the outside, rodents are smart pests that know the best place to get in through! With IPM, we will close all entry points, assuring that rodents stay out. Contact us now!

Rodent Exclusion Service IPM Specialist