Pest Control for Health Care Facilities

Healthcare facilities, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, emergency medical care centers, and physical or mental rehabilitation centers, must meet the highest level of sanitation while caring for very sensitive populations. As various pests pose several health threats through the spread of bacteria and contamination, the prevention of pest-borne infections is crucial.

The size of healthcare facilities tends to be a major factor when it comes to proper pest control and prevention – the larger the facility, the bigger the potential for pest infestations. An effective pest control program developed by IPM Specialist is an investment in the health of patients and staff alike, as well as an investment in maintaining a sound public reputation.

The pests that present the highest health risks in all healthcare facilities, regardless of size and type, are cockroaches, rodents, ants, flies and bed bugs. If you’re a healthcare provider and need help with any pest-related issues, give us a call.

Cockroach Pest Service IPM Specialist


“We were having a serious problem in our kitchen with pests, when we called IPM we were using two other pest companies to resolve the issue for the last 4 months. IPM was able to come in after hours and resolved our issues in less than 2 weeks!! I was blown away by their knowledge of pests and their professionalism. We were days away from our state inspection, and we were able to pass our inspection thanks to IPM”